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Energy Management…one of many topicstissue-days

NC State’s Department of Forest Biomaterials hosted “Emerging Technologies in the Tissue Industry,”on Friday, November 11th, a day-long lecture series focused on the state of the tissue industry. Led by Department of Forest Biomaterials assistant professor, Dr. Ronalds Gonzalez, the event highlighted the growth and development of the tissue industry, energy management for mills, and recycling trends. The lecture series not only included several professors from the department, but also featured industry professionals, including Mr. Lee Reisinger, Mr. Rod Fisher, and Mr. Dick Reese, as guest speakers.

Tissue Pack Innovation Lab

In addition to the lectures, the event also showcased the Tissue Pack Innovation Lab.  Managed by Dr. Gonzalez, the Lab performs analytical tissue testing and financial analysis for companies.  The lab also provides students who have an interest in tissue products with unique opportunities to gain a deeper knowledge of the subject.  Dr. Gonzalez

Corporate and College Minds

The event fostered an environment in which both corporate representatives, professors, and students alike could learn a lot of useful and specific facts about the rapidly growing industry. A senior in Paper Science & Engineering said that she enjoyed being able to “[see] the program coordinate with how the industry’s market is performing.” The speakers were able to elaborate on the relationship between technology in the industry and courses taught in the department. The senior said, “we have learned how to somewhat use Fisher Solve in the PSE curriculum, but the CEO broadened the spectrum and showed other interesting ways to categorize your mill against other mills in the country.”

Emerging Technologies in the Tissue Industry was an enriching event for everyone involved and one of the highlights of the semester for the department.  “Dr Gonzalez plans to visit mill operations across the US , with faculty,  to gather industry needs with the expectation to host a meeting to discuss the formation of a research consortium by the end of the June 2017.”

by guest blogger: Allison Hellwig