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Finding the right fit is critical, which is why the College of Natural Resources, on Monday, February 20, 2017, opened their doors to 27 paper science and engineering students and their families, to the Admitted Student Visitation day.

Opportunity to Experience NC State

This well attended event, extended to students admitted into the college, gives the prospective pack members a, chance to experience the multiplicity of majors, invested faculty, and diligent students.  It allows opportunities, for prospective students, and their families to experience NC State, the college and the Paper Science program.

Welcome Environment

Some students know and have been accepted into their intended majors, while others took the opportunity to explore a potentially new major and discover the many different career paths that are available.   One parent commented after the event, “We really appreciated the time and effort that went into organizing the visitation day for the CNR and specifically for the PSE introduction.  We debated coming today because our child was concerned about missing school, but we were so glad we decided to make the trip. There was a lot of “welcoming” and we certainly felt that during the day.  The student leaders were very impressive and were one of our favorite parts of the day.”

The College of Natural Resources will host a second and final Admitted Student Visitation Day on April 7.

by guest blogger: Tommy Keeshan