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Science-Go-Round Event

On February 23 and March 27, the TAPPI student chapter were invited to Morrisville Elementary School, for the 5th year in a row, to present a hands-on activity about paper. What better way to show the Science behind paper to a classrooms of elementary school students, than to make paper with their own hands.

‘Old Fashion’ Paper MakingHow to Make and Recycle Paper

This year’s presentation involved teaching elementary school students the ‘old-fashioned’ way —to make paper, by hand. The benefits of this event are plenty as the kids enjoy the hands-on aspect of making paper and they are
learning about an item that most of society takes for granted. Everything from how tissue paper is made, to how color is put into paper products is discussed with the students. Educating children about paper and its sustainability is important as we progress into a new century where sustainable growth is critical.

The next TAPPI Science Go-Round event will be at Fuller Elementary on Thursday, April 20, where our TAPPI student chapter will be teaching students how to make paper again. This will be the last service event for this year, and according to Madeleine, the saddest.  As a graduating senior, this will be Madeleine’s last service event with TAPPI after holding the position of service chair for the past two years.

by guest blogger Rukmini Arcot