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It is no secret that the College of Natural Resources’ Pulp and Paper Science and Engineering program attracts students from all corners of the United States.    With college life full of new challenges; moving away from home, joining a new program, starting new classes and implementing time management skills, to list a few,.  But for our out of state students, the additional burden of having to pay higher out-of-state tuition costs can be an eliminating factor in applying to NC State and joining the Wolfpack.

Oh The Places They Come From…..

However,  the Super Scholars Program, that has been in existence for 9 years was established to help defray some of the high out of state tuition costs for these students.  This Super Scholars program, while selective in its process, ultimately provides 1 – student a full ride scholarship for there 4-years at NC State, and, provides the runner-ups various other scholarship, all upon there acceptance.  While a large number of students apply to the Paper Science and Engineering program, only a select few out-of-state students are invited to attend the Super Scholars Weekend.  It is a selective process with an average of 8 students invited with their parents, to campus.  This year, an exceptional group of 9 students were invited from, IL, MD, FL, PA, DE, LA & NJ.  These students spent the weekend at the College of Natural Resources learning what the Pulp and Paper Science program can do  for their future.  They were given several tours ranging from touring the entire college campus, to seeing our very own paper machine.   The weekend wasn’t just to give students a taste of NC State, but to also learn more about them.

The award granting of the Super Scholars Program is a holistic process, with decisions being based on student’s leadership skills, service work, academic performance, essay responses, and of course the final interview process. Each candidate will be interviewed before a student body panel, followed up with a faculty/alumni panel.

The final decision proves to be very challenging, and this year was no different, given the high quality of students competing. In the end, 1 student will be selected for the prestigious award.

by guest blogger: Emmy Howell