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The Phillips Family Leadership Incentive is endowed by Dr. Richard Phillips (’64, ’66 MS, ’70 PHD) and his wife, Mary. This award provides a unique opportunity for students to combine an engineering degree with a business minor to enhance career opportunities and leadership skills.  Dr. Phillips retired as a senior vice president at International Paper before coming to NC State. He believes that the combination of an engineering degree and business minor will produce successful engineers and leaders in the industry. Phillips also developed a core class in the PSE curriculum, Strategic Business Analysis in the Pulp and Paper Industry, to allow students to get some business background in the industry before graduating.

…volunteer, research, work experiences and more

Naturally hardworking, Kable Young is currently pursuing a dual major in paper science & engineering and chemical engineering, in addition to the business minor. Within the program, he is an active volunteer, a member of the Student Advisory Committee to the Foundation, a member of the TAPPI Student Chapter, and was awarded the BioResources Undergraduate Research Fellowship this past summer. His undergraduate research involves working on creating standard methods for tissue grade handsheets, and creating faster dispersion rates through the use of soy lecithin. Kable has had two work experiences during his time at NC State including a co-op with Georgia-Pacific in Big Island, VA as a process engineering intern, and an internship with Energizer in Asheboro, NC as a process engineering intern. Kable will be returning to Georgia Pacific this summer as a process engineering intern at their mill in Crossett, Arkansas.

Not only is Kable a hard working student, but he also dedicates time to volunteering. Within the PSE program Kable says that some of his favorite volunteer activities have been serving as a mentor on freshman retreat, working freshman orientation, and helping teach a lab course during a short course for industry professionals. Outside of the program, Kable is currently the Vice President of ConnectWake. ConnectWake is a service organization that works with the special needs community of Wake County. Kable says, “Volunteering with this organization has been the most rewarding experiences in college thus far and I look forward to continuing with it in the future”.

Scholarship Provides Basis for Future Goal

Kable applied to this scholarship because he wants to make the transition to a managerial role once he is in the industry. Kable sees himself as a lifetime student, saying “Once I have completed my undergraduate degrees, my goal is to earn a Masters’ in Business Administration. This scholarship will provide a basis for this future goal. I enjoy being presented with challenges and figuring out innovative ways to solve them”

Made Possible by Dr. and Mary Phillips

This is the fifth honoree of this reward, following previously recognized students, Patrick Leasure, Joe McDonald, Bobby Oglesby, and Alex May. Kable would like to thank Dr. and Mrs. Phillips for providing the opportunity for the scholarship. “I am honored to have been chosen for this award and I look forward to complementing my engineering degrees with business ideals in the near future. “

By guest blogger Sarah Pumphrey