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On April 26th, our friends at WestRock  graciously sponsored yet another successful and memory filled Senior Banquet. Emily Estes and Julie Dyke, we appreciate your presence in attending this event.  With only a few short weeks before our beloved seniors walked across the stage, the Paper Science and Engineering department hosted the annual Senior Banquet for the May and December 2017 graduates. All of the students’ friends and family were invited to join the department’s faculty in celebrating the graduates’ accomplishments.

Jeopardy Game Show

The memorable banquet begins with a social hour full of conversation, leading into the banquet which this year was hosted by the NC State University Club.  Dr. Byrd boasted about the department and Mrs. Jennifer Piercy discussed the importance of giving back. The professor’s annual, and much anticipated skit was not a disappointment.  This skit revolves around the students and proves to be a time to make ‘clean fun’ of them, leaving out no student.  This year’s version played out with like a giant game of Jeopardy, where topics were strictly about students and the select panel, consisting of Jennifer Piercy, Dr’s Sunkyu Park  and Lucian Lucia were tested.  Dr. Byrd may have another career as a game show host, or has watched many episodes of Jeopardy, as he acted the part of Merv Griffin all to well.  It certainly provided much humor and is one of those moments that students just can’t….or won’t forget.

Students Retaliation

In retaliation, the students get an opportunity to perform their own skit.  Each student dressed the part of the distinct professor, or faculty member they were impersonating.   The skit centered around Senior Design, and these students performances were stellar.  This years skit was a memorable one indeed, and was recorded for anyone that may want a good chuckle.

Finally, after all the laughter settled down, each stuent is called up to ring the “Freeness Bell.”  This is truly the top part of a fressness tester that is hit with a piece of a dryer, and signals that their time at NC State University is finally coming to a close.

To those graduating, congratulations! We are all sad to see you go, but we cannot wait to see what you accomplish.

By guest blogger Manon Macallister