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Every year one student is awarded the “Most Congenial Senior Award” at the Senior Banquet. Thanks to the support of the senior class, this year Will Mason was awarded the honor. Will loves being around people, which has helped him succeed with his various internships, as well as with his peers in the classroom. He believes that both his amicability and affability play a role in him receiving this award. Will was even gracious enough to state “This award means a lot to me. In my past work experiences, I have been told that it was a joy to work with me, and this award only reaffirms that my classmates feel the same.”

Will’s Enthusiasm and Dedication will be Missed

Will has a tremendous amount of experience in the industry. He has completed two semester co-ops in Big Island, VA as well as one summer internship in Perry, FL all with Georgia Pacific. After graduating with his degree in Paper Science & Engineering he plans to go work for Georgia Pacific in their cellulose division. Will has also been active throughout the department as a TA for Dr. Jameel’s Pulping Process Analysis course, a video editor in Dr. Pawlak’s summer Biomaterial Physics course, and as a corporate liaison for the Pulp and Paper Foundation. His enthusiasm and dedication throughout the department will truly be missed.

He Believes in “Paying it Forward”

In his spare time, Will’s hobbies include reading, hiking, and working on his cars. In his time at school, aside from being involved in the department he, became a Goodnight Scholar; a program which encourages students of various STEM majors to be excellent leaders and teaches the importance of “paying it forward”. His favorite memories from his time in the PSE department include participating in the freshman retreat to the high ropes course and meeting some of his best friends just through his involvement in his classes.

We wish Will the best with his future and his career!

by guest blogger Allison Hellwig