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It’s Running Purple

One of the hallmarks of a Paper Science Engineering education is PSE 472, which is lovingly known as ‘The Paper Machine Class.’  This class combines everything the students have learned throughout their collegiate careers and applies it in order to run the Wolfpack Baby.  Students are divided into six groups, all of which focus on one part of the machine, and each week, the class makes a different grade of paper.  This semester, the class made blue tablet paper, art paper, and most recently, a beautiful spring purple paper.


Death by PowerPoint

Seniors remember the first month of class as “death by PowerPoint.”  The class refreshes students on some of the more basic material and goes more in-depth with a plethora of information about additives, coatings, printing, and of course, all the different types or variations of paper machines.


Motivation always Brings Success

Recently, the class had the last senior machine run and made a very nice grade of purple paper to celebrate the end of the semester and upcoming graduation for many of the students.  Madeline Foster, a super senior in PSE/CHE who has accepted a full-time position with Kimberly-Clark in Philadelphia, said her favorite memory of the class was being on the wet end of the machine for the first run. She claimed they were “scrambling to get every measurement done,” but it was fun to collect all the samples and was reminiscent of running trials during her internships.  Her favorite part of the whole class was making the colorful paper during the final machine run, but she said that it was sometimes difficult to find motivation to learn the copious amounts of information and apply it. With graduation looming closer for many of our students, they will surely be glad that they did manage to find that motivation throughout the years.

By guest blooger Lindsay Leonard