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TAPPI, the Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industries, awarded scholarships to one in our pack! Lindsay Leonard was the recepient of two TAPPI division scholarships: one for Product and Process Quality, and the other for Process Control. Each required short answer questions, recommendations, and a short personal statement based on a given prompt.

Get to Know Lindsay

Lindsay Leonard is originally from Greensboro, NC and is the oldest of three children. Both her parents graduated from North Carolina State University in 1988, with one graduating in Chemical Engineering and the other in Mathematics. Lindsay is a dual major, majoring in Chemical Engineering and Paper Science and Engineering. While here at State, Lindsay has had the honor of becoming a Caldwell Fellow, which is a group at NC State that selects student during their first year who “share a passion to learn, grow and serve others.” After her freshman year, Lindsay conducted research at the Georgia Institute of Technology surrounding applications of tree root geometries and chemical properties in civil and environmental engineering through the Center for Bio-mediated and Bio-inspired Geotechnics. Lindsay is currently working for EDT, an enzyme company specializing in the pulp and paper industry, and will be taking her fall semester off to work for Kimberly-Clark.

No Easy Task

In order to apply for a number of TAPPI scholarships a student would have to have a 3.0 GPA, be enrolled in an engineering or science program, and show an interest in the pulp and paper industry. More specifically, for the scholarships awarded to Lindsay, a student would have to show a special interest in “development of quality management awareness and a demonstrated interest in the development of professional skills, within the process control fields, both within the pulp and paper industry.”  Lindsay said that after taking PSE 212 her sophomore year, she has been interested in product development and process control along with the engineering thought process surrounding the two.  Since starting her summer internship at EDT she has seen firsthand the great need for process and quality control, the great value that understanding these systems can provide a company, and to our industry as a whole. She is very excited to apply some of her knowledge and learn even more at her co-op with Kimberly Clark in the fall.

Scholarship will Provide Balance

Lindsay says she is very grateful to be receiving these scholarships, because anything helps the college fund! Since Paper science is such a small program taking a semester off can often set a student back a year, so these scholarships will help to balance out the extra semester she will have to take later on. She thanks those who have given her support to do well so that she may be able to attain the scholarships. All in all, just another member of the Paper Science Pack making us proud!!

by guest blogger Winslow Gurney