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When you think of what a house is made of, does lumber come to mind first?  Typically, a wood frame is built and serves as the foundation for the rest of the house to be built around.  Elis Stenman had a different idea of what kind of wood product he would use to build his home.  Stenman built an entire home out of 100,000 newspapers in 1942!  The house itself is built from newspapers and some of the furniture and other objects inside are made of newspapers as well.  To add onto this feat, Stenman created his own varnish made of glue, water, flour, and apple peels that he applied to the house which served to provide a more appealing look in addition to preserving his work.

Stenman and his family lived in the home for six years and today the house is still standing in Rockport, Massachusetts and is open to the public as a museum.

This example of engineering and creativity is a prime example of how wood derived products can be used in unconventional ways and stand the test of time!  To read  and see more Wonderful Engineering

by guest blogger Taylor Krakuszeski