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This past spring Alex Hight, was elected as the TAPPI chapter president for the 2017-2018 academic year, following in the footsteps of her mother, Clark Hight, class of 1986. Alex is a senior majoring in Paper Science and Engineering and minoring in Industrial Engineering and Business Administration.

Pre-nights, Service Activities, Speaker Series and more……

The TAPPI student chapter is the link between the professional, business, and industrial areas of the Pulp and Paper Industry, and students in NC State’s Paper Science & Engineering Program. It strives to develop each member professionally, technically, and socially and provides opportunities for them to learn and grow to help the community. This is done through several events each semester including company pre-nights, service activities, conferences, social activities, speaker series, and a newly formed mentoring program.

Lots of Opportunties to Help Students Grow

Alex’s involvement in TAPPI started her freshman year. She attended all the pre-nights to learn about career opportunities for paper science students and became friends with many other students in the program. This new community encouraged her to volunteer with the organization and participate in the social activities sponsored by the chapter. Also, being on scholarship, Alex felt the desire to give back to the program and to ensure that future students had the same opportunities given to her. After her freshman year, Alex served as secretary of the organization, and last year she served as the vice president. When asked if she always saw herself becoming president she said, “Yes, because in high school I had several leadership positions and found that I enjoyed not only leading people, but helping them grow. I feel like TAPPI has a lot of opportunities to help our members grow professionally, technically, and socially.”

Favorite Event…..TAPPI Student Summit

Alex’s favorite event that the student TAPPI chapter is involved in is the annual TAPPI Student Summit. She enjoys the freedom of the conference and loves to network and interact with people from schools across the country. She commented that the student summit is, “a great bonding experience for people within our TAPPI chapter.”

Motivate to Self Motivate

Alex envisions a bright future for the organization. Her vision is an organization to motivate students to become self-motivated. The goal is for the TAPPI chapter to become further involved in the community, not only through traditional services events, but becoming more involved with the College of Natural Resources.

Congratulations Alex on being elected TAPPI president and keep up the great work!

Guest blogger Kable Young