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December is a transitive time – the weather is changing, exams are looming, and, for some, their time as an undergraduate at NC State University is drawing to a close. On December 15th, the Paper Science and Engineering program graduated 15 students and sent them into industry or graduate school. Four (or five) years of hard work and dedication have prepared them for a smooth and successful transition into adulthood. Some will be returning to areas they have worked before, others will be moving to entirely new states, and some are returning home for good.

A Paper Science and Engineering degree can take students where ever they want to go! Here is a map that shows where some of the program’s December 2017 graduates will be headed. Several our graduates will be staying near the east coast, but a few others are venturing west.

Congratulations class of 2017! Thank you for all you have contributed and good luck with your future endeavors.

By guest blogger Manon Macallister