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NC State University’s Department of Forest Biomaterials (FB) is home to one of the oldest and most respected paper science and engineering programs in the world. We also have an accredited Sustainable Materials and Technology program with a long history of supporting wood manufacturing industries and sustainable housing. Our students develop the science and engineering skills, coupled with the ability to analyze the environmental and financial sustainability of a product, a process or an industry. Students in both degree programs can work for an array of large or small companies to support the innovation and production of sustainable bioproducts.

Using fundamental science and applied engineering skills, couple with financial and life cycle analyses, FB pursues interdisciplinary teaching, research and extension activities. Our approach recognizes the scientific and engineering principles driving each area of study as well as applicable technology and sustainable business skills. Our programs examine and acknowledge the broader sustainability issues that affect industries operating in these fields, including the financial, management and social components. All of our programs emphasize hands-on learning that identify solutions to real-world problems and developing futuristic products and environmentally friendly processes.

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The Department of Forest Biomaterials:

  • Maintains an intellectual community that brings together teachers, students, researchers, industry partners, government agencies, and non-profit groups in a collaborative environment that encourages the exchange of information and fosters the generation of new ideas.
  • Offers undergraduate and graduate academic programs that produce well-rounded professionals who are proficient in the skills required of leaders in their fields for today and tomorrow.
  • Conducts interdisciplinary research to uncover fundamental science and create an understanding of sustainable biomaterials, improves existing engineering and technological processes, creates innovation in paper science and engineering, sustainable biomaterials and bioenergy.
  • Sponsors extension, outreach and engagement activities to educate and benefit industry professionals and North Carolina communities regarding opportunities for new research findings and best practices in wood products, paper science and engineering, and forest biomaterials and bioenergy.
  • Offers practicing industry professionals opportunities to help them solve technical problems and update their skills.