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By Taylor Krakuszeski

David Ashcraft graduated from NC State in 1968 with a degree in Chemical Engineer.  He retired from NC State on April 30, 2016 after working for the University for 15 years.  We recently David & Mary Ashcraftreached out to David to find out about his experiences here at NC State, his career, and advise for current students.

Experiences at NC State:

  • Internship/co-op experiences: Tennessee River (Now PCA), Counce TN. Summer 1966, Union Camp (Now IP), Franklin VA.  Summer 1967 Eastex (Now WestRock), Evadale TX. Summer 1966
  • Favorite Class: Che 205 & Calculus
  • Best memory at State: Meeting my wife in November 1967. Thompson Theater.  Ashcraft was the accompanist for the choir and his wife, Mary sang alto.  Their 1st date was a bagpipe concert in Reynolds on November 16, 1967.
  • Worst memory at State: Tour of paper mills during spring break in 1968 during a great turmoil in our country.
  • Clubs/hobbies: Student Senator, music and writing
  • Favorite part of PSE program: Professors and students
  • Most important thing PSE taught me: Patience, importance of being prepared and importance of friends.

Current Career Information:

  • Company/job position: Retired from NC State, April 30, 2016. Ashcraft enjoys traveling with his wife Mary, class of 1971.  They have three married children and nine grandchildren.
  • Current hobbies/interests: Volunteer missionary, NC Baptist on Mission. He enjoys meeting people and sharing good news.
  • What advice would you give to current students: Be true to God, true to yourself and practice servant leadership.