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Gray Carter graduated from NC State in 1984 with a degree in Chemical Engineering and Pulp and Paper Science Technology.    We recently reached out to Gray to find out about his experiences here at NC State, his current career, and advise for current students.  Thanks for sharing Gray.

Experiences at NC State

  • Internship/co-op experience: Summer of 1982 – Container Corporation.
  • Favorite Class at State: Anything taught by Professor Hitchings.
  • Best memory at State: Winning the NCAA Basketball Championship in 1983.
  • Worst memory at State: Late night feeding computer cards for Chemical Engineering programming.
  • Favorite part of PSE program: The hands on aspect helped fit the classroom training together when I worked each summer.  Additionally, the friendships I developed have continued all these years since graduation.
  • Most important thing PSE taught me: The team atmosphere Mimi Ed industry to a tremendous extent.  More can be accomplished with many hands than yours alone.President_Gray_Carter

Current Career Experience

  • Company/job position: The Carter Firm- a supply chain consulting company.
  • Years at Current job: January, 2014 I started consulting after 29 years with Buckeye Technologies.
  • Biggest accomplishment in career: I became a VP of a public company at an early stage of my career.  I had the opportunity to help grow and develop employees who have become officers of companies themselves.
  • What other positions have you held/what other companies have you worked for: I served ten years as a VP for Buckeye in various roles including Sales, manufacturing, Purchasing and Logistics.

Advise for Current Students

  • Work hard, focus on what is important and never stop learning and developing your skill and knowledge base.

Personal Information

  • Hometown: Winston Salem, NC
  • Family: I am married to my college sweetheart, Beth, for 31 years.  I have three grown children and two granddaughters.
  • Hobbies/Interests: I am heavily involved in Rotary International, the NCSU Pulp and Paper Foundation, the University of Mississippi Engineering Advisory Board and my community.