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Dr. John Heitmann graduated from NC State in 1966 with a B.S., M.S. and PhD in Paper Science Engineering.  We recently reached out to him to find out about his experiences here at NC State, his career and advice for current students.  Thanks for sharing Dr. Heitmann.

Experience at NC State

  • Internship/co-op experience: Union Camp, Champion and Allis Chalmers.
  • Favorite Class: Papermaking senior lab, of course!
  • Best memory at State:  Graduation.
  • Worst memory at State: Organic Chemistry.
  • Favorite part of PSE Program:  Professor Hitchings.
  • Clubs/Hobbies: Technician staff, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Kappy Phi.
  • Most important thing PSE taught me:  Wow-everything! Mostly how to think about problems.

Current Career Information

  • Company/Job position: Professor Emeritus at NC State University.
  • Years at Current Job: 2 Years.
  • Favorite part of Job: Lots of time and an easy schedule.
  • Biggest accomplishment in career:  Teaching college for 28 years.

Advise for Current Students

  • Study, study, study and make good friends.

Personal Information

  • Hometown:  Savannah, Georgia
  • Family: Wife Joy and daugther Kathryn
  • Hobbies/interests:  Fishing, traveling and woodworking.

By guest blogger Lindsay Leonard