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You will find 4 different file types on this web site. Some are good for printing while others are good for editing or simply viewing online. Here are some brief descriptions and download resources.

  • Word Docs – Click on the file and when prompted, save it to your hard drive. You will be able to edit the Word Doc to meet your needs, but be aware that printer settings and margins on different computers affect the layout of the document. PDF Files are better if you are only going to print. Word 97 or higher recommended.
  • Online Powerpoint Presentations – These are web embedded slides and are great for viewing online, but can’t be edited as a Powerpoint Presentation.
  • Zip Files – All the zip files on this site are zipped up Microsoft Powerpoint Presentations. If you need to be able to edit the presentations to fit your classes and/or lectures, you will want to download and unzip these files. You will need either WinZip or PKZip to do so. Some of the zip files are fairly large and can take up to 5 minutes to download on a high speed connection.
  • PDF Files – These Files are essentially “photographs” of a document. They are print ready but can not be edited. If you don’t already have it, you will need the Free Acrobat Reader from Adobe to view these files.