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Most Master of Science or Doctoral students in the Department of Forest Biomaterials at NC State receive financial aid in the form of teaching or research assistantships. Support is contingent on incoming qualifications and satisfactory performance each semester.

Sample Assistantship Package

  • $22,872 per year stipend
  • $8,492 in-state tuition per year
  • $15,475 out-of-state tuition per year
  • $1,938 health insurance for the year

*Please note that the value of assistantships can vary and are dependent on funding availability.

Support for High Impact Research Projects

The Department has an array of research projects that can provide support for MS and PhD students. These projects are funded by federal, state and industrial sponsors and provide students an opportunity to work on a high impact project. Many of these projects have industrial partners and provide students with an opportunity to work with industrial scientists and engineers and gain additional perspectives on how technology is developed and commercialized.

The Hofmann and Estridge Fellowships

In addition to the above assistantships, FB also uses the Hoffman Fellowships, which are provided by the NCSU Natural Resources Foundation to support graduate students. These fellowships provide the nation’s most promising scholars with the education and professional growth opportunities they need to reach their potential. These Hofmann Fellowships can supplement a specific project or for general support.

FB also offers one Estridge Fellowship each year for partial support for a graduate student.

Advanced Forest Materials Fellowship

To encourage qualified applicants to apply to our new Forest Materials Ph.D. program, FB is offering financial support for promising U.S. citizens or permanent residents interested in obtaining a doctoral degree in the area of Advanced Forest Biomaterial Products. This premier support package is funded by the USDA and NC State. It includes a $25,000 stipend per year, all tuition fees and health insurance for four years. Travel expenses for a travel abroad research experience is also included. Candidates should be interested in the science involved in the conversion of natural forest resources to advanced materials to meet societal needs. Appropriate student backgrounds include chemistry, chemical engineering, material science, wood and paper science and other scientific areas.

Interested applicants should email Dr. Ilona Peszlen, Associate Professor of Forest Biomaterials, or call her at 919.513.1265 for more program information.