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If you are a professional seeking to enhance your skills without leaving your job, or a part-time student, there are a number of continuing education options open to you:

  • Our unique Online Learning Program offers you the opportunity to take individual courses or to earn a Distance Masters in Forest Biomaterials without even setting foot on campus.
  • Hands-on Pulp and Paper Basics Workshop, Co-sponsored by North Carolina State University and TAPPI. This hands-on laboratory-based workshop provides a broad overview of Pulping, Bleaching, Chemical Recovery, Recycling, Papermaking and Converting.
    • The 5-day introduction to pulp and paper technology course consists of presentations in the morning and hands-on laboratory and pilot-plant exercises in the afternoon. Workshop material discussed in the morning re-emphasizes in lab and pilot plant exercises that cover pulping, bleaching, deinking, and refining for increased understanding and retention.
    • This introductory-level workshop is appropriate for technical and non-technical individuals who desire a laboratory focused course to understand and appreciate the basics of pulping, bleaching, recovery, recycling, papermaking and converting operations.
  • Customized In-Mill Pulp and Paper Short Course, A unique opportunity is available for pulp and paper training for employees at your mill-site. The program can involve classroom type presentations, activities and in-mill hands-on activities or tours, or a combination.
    • Combining classroom learning with mill-activities has been proven to enhance learning and retention and improve employee effectiveness in managing or operating the company’s specific technology and processes.
    • The course content is developed between the company and the faculty to meet the specific needs of the company. The faculty has many years of experience in developing lectures and activities to meet the company’s learning objectives.
    • Courses can range from 1 day to 2 weeks as needed.
    • This type of short course can be conducted economically for as few as 5 students. The objectives, activities, employee backgrounds, course resources and costs are clearly defined prior to the course. The course can also be conducted at NCSU, taking advantage of our laboratories and pilot plant paper machine for activities.
    • For additional information contact Richard Venditti.
  • We offer customized hands-on wood products short courses that typically last 2 to 5 days.  They are ideal for engineers and other college graduates who are broadening their job responsibilities or entering the wood products field for the first time. Available courses cover a wide range of topics, including quality control, in-plant drying, saw design and sawing accuracy, management and supervisor development, excellence in wood products manufacturing and more.