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Kim Phillips

Major(s): Paper Science & EngineeringKimPhillipsGreatWall
: Senior
Hometown: Prince George, VA
After I graduate: I plan to work in the pulp and paper industry!
What I like best about FB: I love how small the program is (although it’e growing every year!) because it really lets you get to know people not just in your classes, but just about every student in the program and you really get to know your professors too! It’s a great environment to be in because it really helps you feel like you’re involved and engaged with everyone around you
Advice: Never be afraid to ask questions, no matter what you are doing, especially during internships and co-ops. Also, treat every experience as a learning experience, if you can spin any circumstance into a learning experience or something else positive, you will end up coming out on top.
Activities: TAPPI (Service Chair 2010-11, Activities Chair 2011-2012), NCSU Marching Band (I play trumpet), NCSU Jazz Ensemble (2009-2011)
Professional Experience:

  • Summer 2011 and 2012: International Paper, Eastover SC. I worked as a Process Engineering Intern on the paper machines working on a variety of projects.
  • Summer 2013: International Paper, Eastover SC. I worked as an intern in Maintenance Engineering working on capital projects in all areas of the mill.

Sarah Sassorossi

Major(s): Paper Science & Engineering and Chemical Engineering575981_4464484734162_823545986_n
: Sophomore
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
After I graduate: I would love to work in a paper mill.
What I like best about FB: It really feels like my family. From the minute I first inquired about Paper Science & Engineering, I felt truly wanted and welcomed into the community. Now I can’t walk down the hallway without hearing people call my name. It’s the most tight-knit major I’ve ever come across, and I’ve always felt comfortable asking a professor or upperclassmen for help if I needed it.
Advice: Seek out opportunities. You will reveive e-mail after e-mail about clubs, organizations, and opportunities for new adventures. Take up as many as you can (but don’t neglect your schoolwork!), because people you meet and experiences you will gain will be invaluable.
Activities: TAPPI (Programs Co-Chair, 2013), College of Natural Resources (CNR) Engaging Leaders, CNR Ambassador, Women in Science & Engineering
Professional Experience:

  • Summer 2013: Sonoco, Hartsville SC. I worked as an intern in the paper mill, focusing on Process Improvement and Preventative Maintenance.

Michelle Blood

Major(s): Paper Science & Engineering and Chemical EngineeringM_Blood
: Senior
Hometown: Mount Airy, NC
After I graduate: I want to work in the pulp and paper industry.
What I like best about FB: I love that the program is small, but growing every year! I also love the fantastic relationship we have with the industry, it really keeps students and professionals in the loop with each other. I love that professors who I haven’t even had yet know who I am. It goes to show how much the progessors care about engaging the students. I also love that the classes are so interagtive. I love the raw material we use. Wood is such a sustainable material, which makes our products and industry is so sustainable, while our footprint is so small. All in all, I love being able to say that I can’t think of something I don’t like about Forest Biomaterials
Advice: 1. Try and get an internship after freshman year, but no later than after sophomore year. Classes become so much easier to understand after you have experience. 2. Never be afraid to ask questions, whether it be in class, at a networking evern, and especially while at a mill. 3. Talk to professors if you need help. Office hours are a great tool, both with professors and with TAs. 4. Get involved. It’s a great way to meet people and builf your resume.
Activities: TAPPI (Secretary 2012, Vice-President 2013-2014), Club Ultimate Frisbee (2009-2012), AlCHe
Professional Experience:

  • Fall 2011, Spring 2013: Packaging Corporation of America, Valdosta GA. I worked as a process engineering co-op in the Utilities and Paper Machine areas. I focused on process improvement.
  • Summer 2012: Rayonier Performance Fibers, Jesup GA. I worked as a process engineering intern in the machines and finishing area.
  • Summer 2013: Ashland, Rockingham NC and Bennettsville SC. I am currently working as a Technical Sales Intern in the pulp and paper division.

Joe McDonaldJoe

Major(s): Paper Science & Engineering and Chemical Engineering
Year: Junior
Hometown: Fernandina Beach, FL
After I graduate: My future plans are still undecided (see next section).
What I like best about FB: FB’s focus on professional development and the strong industry support of the program gives students amazing opportunities for professional experience. As a rising Junior, I already have a years worth of engineering experience, and that’s not too uncommon in FB/ The reason I’m still undecided about my future career is that both of my internships thus far have been so much fun and taught me so much that I’m not ready to choose one path yet.
Advice: Come to school looking for a professional internship. They’re a blast, pay well, will teach you tons, and classes much more interesting. Also (and Forest Biomaterials makes this really easy) become friends with classmates and professors. Having peers to study with and mentors to ask questions of, makes classes a whole lot easier.
Activities: TAPPI (Service Chair 2013, Activities Co-chair 2012), NCSU Campus Crusade, NCSU Intramural Sports
Professional Experience:

  • Summer and Fall 2012: RockTenn, Fernandina Beach FL. Engineering Co-op in the Technical Department, focused on process improvement projects in many areas of the mill
  • Summer 2013: EDT, Norcross GA. Field Service Engineering Intern, supported sales teams with onsite fieldwork and data analysis in both domestic and international locations, including Canada and Europe.

Jessica Rogers

Major(s): Paper Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineeringrogers_000
: Senior
Hometown: Greensboro,NC
After I graduate: I don’t really know what I want to do after I graduate. I either want to work for the U.S Treasury and make paper money…or I want to get my master’s degree and do research.
What I like best about FB: I love how all of the FB faculty and staff truly care about you and will try their best to help you succeed while you are at NC State and even after you graduate.
Advice: The advice I would give to someone considering NC State and the Dept. of Forest Biomaterials is to try the program out! There is no other department like it on NC State’s campus. They take care of you and this is an important quality a department should have when you go to a school as large as State, you want to feel as if you belong.
Activities: VP NCSU Chapter of National Society for Black Engineers, Life Changer’s Campus Ministries, Engineering Ambassador
Professional Experience:

  • May 2010 – January 2011: Intern with MeadWestvaco Corp. in Raleigh, participated in development of unique adhesive formulation with optimized rheology.
  • Spring 2009: Co-op Engineer with Packaging Corp. of America in Valdosta, GA- worked with a project team consisting of contractors and mill engineers to solve problem of high dissolved oxygen levels within the steam process, participated in major inspections of bark boilers, recovery boilers, and turbine generators.