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In order to gain the maximum benefit from your graduate education, we hope you will do the following:graduatestudentphoto

  • Meet the Faculty. Visit each one and introduce yourself. Learn about their fields of interest.
  • Meet your fellow students. Ask about their research, activities and backgrounds.
  • Read this Graduate Student Handbook. Ask questions about anything you do not understand.
  • Develop your Academic and Research program as soon as possible.
  • Learn about Safety. Learn how to use equipment properly and report all problems and accidents. Keep your work area clean.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to ask us, the faculty and staff are here to help you.

Handbook Table of Contents

  • General Information
  • Policies and Forms
  • Masters Degree Students
  • Doctoral Students
  • Academic Resources
  • Campus Life Resources

General Information

Schedule of Required Documents


Registering for Courses

  • Students that have not been assigned to a research advisor will be advised by the Director of Graduate Programs, Dr. Ilona Peszlen.
  • Students that have a research advisor will be advised by their research advisor.

Policies and Forms

Graduate School Forms

Office Assignment Policy

The Director of Graduate Programs assigns desk space in consultation with the faculty. Please do not occupy a desk without getting permission from the DGP and the Departmental Graduate Secretary, Melissa Rabil, Biltmore Room 1022.

Teaching Assistant Policy

Graduate students on assistantships are expected to assist in teaching one semester as a service to the department. In special occasions, certain students may be asked to assit in teaching an additional semester for extra compensation.

Masters Degree Students

Doctoral Students

  • Doctoral Plan of Work
  • Ph. D. Students
  • Qualifying Exams
  • Request to schedule Doctoral Oral Examination

Academic Resources

Campus Life Resources