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Can your class compete? Do you have what it takes? 

We are excited to announce the kick off of our 4th annual class participation contest. Last year was such a fabulous success, as was 2015 and 16, our alumni relations and individual giving committee are at it again!

How it Works!

  • ALL gifts from September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018 will be counted in participation.
  • Gifts can be made to PSE scholarships or any fund within our program that you feel passionate about.  Let us know if you have questions about your options.
  • Class ambassadors will be thanking those of you who have already made a gift and reaching out to those who have not.
  • Our alumni will be updated weekly.
  • The winners will also be recognized at our Foundation annual banquet on September 6, 2018 and have bragging rights for the entire year!  I wonder if we are looking at a repeat victory?

What YOU need to know:

1.  Our program remains very successful!

  • We are maintaining high enrollments, 2-3 times that of any other paper school.
  • Our students are academically stellar, well rounded and diverse.
  • We are enjoying 100% job placement with 75%+ entering our industry.

2.  We need alumni support to keep our program strong.

  • Tuition continues to increase and government appropriations are flat (at best).
  • Our industry desperately needs our graduates for its future.
  • 100% of alumni contributions are used for scholarships to recruit and retain the best talent, allowing for more general budget funds to be directed towards program enhancement.

3.  No matter where you are now, YOU benefited greatly from your PSE education!

  • You received a world class technology/engineering degree.
  • You were presented with great career opportunities.
  • Your education went beyond the classroom (internships, personal and professional development).

We hope you will “get in the spirit” as we kick off the new school year with this drive.

More information and updates can be found here and you can make a GIFT NOW!  Contact your Class Ambassador or Jennifer Piercy at 919-515-7709 or with any questions you might have.

Thanks and GO WOLFPACK!


Tim Corey (’83), Individual Giving Committee Chair
Jesse Swanner (’15), Individual Giving Committee Vice-Chair
Jennifer Piercy (’94), Foundation Director