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Program Highlights:

Sarah Sasssorossi

  • Hands On, Experiential Learning
  • Small, Family Atmosphere
  • Paid Internships
  • 100% Permanent Job Placement
  • High Starting Salaries at $75,000/year
  • Professional Development
  • Scholarships Available Apply by Feb. 15

Scholarship Application Note:

Please complete and SUBMIT the general application on Pack ASSIST, then click on opportunities to see Paper Science specific questions and other scholarship you might match to.

Learn more about:

Paper Science & Engineering careers

Our students have access to a variety of engineering jobs in the paper and chemical industries. With our own career placement center, on site preferred interviews, 100% job placement and high starting salaries, find out more about what you can do with our degree. . . . process engineering, project engineering, management, consulting, research and development, sales, manufacturing, technical support and service . . .

Our Program’s History

With strong regional support, an outstanding scholarship endowment, and this unique dual degree program, the NC State program began to establish itself as a dominant program in the U.S. In 2004, this program became jointly administered by the College of Natural Resources and the College of Engineering, and its name was changed to Paper Science & Engineering. In 2005, the program became ABET accredited.

Our Degree Programs

Our curriculum is challenging and rewarding. It is a true example of NC State’s “Think & Do” motto. Our students will gain technical knowledge and hands on experience in the classroom, labs and pilot facilities. Our engineers become the problems solvers of society’s numerous challenges.

More Resources:

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* NEW * Video from our International Technical Association featuring NC State

Videos that provide a humorous perspective on a “paperless society” and a serious look at great sustainability facts about print and paper!

Why Biomaterials are Important, courtesy of Domtar

TAPPI (Technical Assoc. of Pulp & Paper Industries) produced a great video on “5 Reasons Why You Should be a Paper Engineer” that’s worth a look!

Letters to Dad from “How Life Unfolds” Paper and Packaging Check Off Campaign (tissues optional)

Government support of our industry with the Paper and Packaging Board Check off Campaign

Bust some myths about the US Forest and Paper Products Industry at Two Sides NA


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our exciting program, degree, industry and careers! Our students experience unparalleled academic and personal support. Our goal is to develop them into the best, well rounded engineers they can be as they seek out the career of their dreams.

We hope you find the following links helpful. Should you desire additional information we are always available to talk with you and/or set up a day visit. Fill out the interest form or contact us directly at 919-515-7709 or