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October 16-18, 2016

LGMI meets once a year for an annual conference, and tries to have their meetings near Universities with pulp & paper science programs to bring student and faculty involvement. This year, the meeting is in Raleigh, NC, October 16-18 at the Doubletree – Brownstone on Hillsborough Street. There will be a reception on Sunday, 10/16, and 1-1/2 days of presentations and discussions on Monday 10/17 & Tue 10/18. NC State’s Pulp & Paper Science program and foundation are proud to work along side LGMI for this event.

Click here for more details and to register.

The scope of LGMI has evolved from just papermachine weight to overall efficiencies in pulp & paper mills. Through their website, newsletter emails, LinkedIn page, etc, LGMI has been a gathering place for industry and academics to share ideas and raise issues surrounding operational efficiency.

Goal – reduce weight of installed papermachines by 50% by 2025

Started about 7 years ago, and just gaining non-profit status last year, LGMI was formed with the stated goal of being ‘For those interested in freely providing and discussing ideas to reduce the weight of installed paper machines (any grade) by 50% by 2025.

Unlike many other organizations, LGMI is driven towards this goal—reducing the installed weight of pulp and paper facilities by 50% by the year 2025.  This overarching goal crosses all lines of expertise when it comes to the process of manufacturing paper, be it from virgin or recycled fiber.  By focusing on reducing the weight of installed facilities, this idea challenges:

  1. Capital costs
  2. Operating costs
  3. Maintenance costs
  4. Sources and types of fiber
  5. Process flows and storage
  6. Energy sources and uses
  7. Facility siting considerations
  8. Personnel requirements

The LGMI Annual Conference is where the organization summarizes knowledge gained over the past year, reports of concepts now installed and operating, and examines new ideas.  Unlike other industry conferences which are held for a calendar driven purpose, the LGMI conference is a time of accountability where the Institute measures itself against its long term goal.

Benefits for Us All

As a non-profit, LGMI will be donating half of the gross receipts (not just profits) from this conference, to NC State’s Pulp and Paper Foundation. This is a very generous offer and our foundation is delighted to help bring LGMI institute to Raleigh and NC State.