Senior Design AND Making Paper!

I Think I Can . . . I Think I Can . . . I Think I Can . . .

MachineryI can do this, I can do this.  Three more months, or 105 days, or really 98 days if you take out spring break, but then again, if you just include class days, 59 days UNTIL GRADUATION.  To say I am excited is an understatement; I have my dream job waiting for me in a prime location, a two-week trip to China, and a month of pure relaxation before the real world starts.  What stands between me and that very, very expensive, 65# Ivory vellum, 11”x 14”, rightfully earned, sheet of paper you may ask?  Quite simply, two of the most anticipated classes of my college career: senior design and paper process analysis.

Designing Solutions and Making Paper

I have been hearing about these two classes since I started the program as a freshman. I will always remember hearing “Wow, I cannot believe Dr. Jameel and Dr. Phillips made that poor guy cry” as I watched the seniors leave the infamous PPL 2221 that late spring day after a senior design presentation.  Nor will I forget walking by the pilot plant and seeing all the Bojangle’s boxes and seniors gathered around talking about the Wolfpack red paper they were currently making just in time for Valentine’s Day.  I could not wait to take on that class, and now I am finally here!

Challenging Courses, Thankful Students

Senior design is incredible; the thought that goes into each project by the professors and students is unimaginable.  Yes, it is difficult, but nothing feels better than figuring out the perfect solution to our very own Carolina Pulp and Paper mill as a team.  The real fun though is in our paper process class, better known as the Paper Making class.  In just a few weeks we will have our first of six machine runs and will get the chance to make our very own Wolfpack red just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Not only will we be measuring paper properties as it comes off the Wolfpack Baby, but we will also be printing and coating the paper to further analyze each grade’s properties.  It seems surreal to be in my last semester here in the Paper Science and Engineering program and I am thankful for all it has had to offer these past four years.  Go Pack!

Senior Design

By Guest Blogger Julia Woods