Senior Banquet – Sponsored by Georgia-Pacific

NC State Gateway

The anticipated Paper Science & Engineering Senior Banquet took place on April 25, 2018 and was held at the NC State University Club.  The anticipated banquet exceeded its standard of excellence with skits, laughter, freeness bell ringing and more.

The Senior Banquet is held just a few weeks prior to the seniors walking across the stage, and into the next phase of their journey. All May and December 2018 graduates were invited to attend, along with their friends, family, along with the department’s staff and faculty to celebrate their accomplishments.

Let the Skits Begin

The banquet began with a social hour, giving everyone the opportunity to talk and reminisce of the fond memories, sleepless nights, and now, laughable moments, from their time here at NC State. During the social hour there was a PowerPoint presentation playing of all the graduating seniors’ headshots from their NC State student ID, which was taken 4 years prior, some students did not even recognize themselves. This led to the buffet style dinner that featured many delicious options for all in attendance. Just after dinner, the faculty performed their skit which featured a recorded and live portion. The recorded parts were clips of the professors imitating various seniors and their unique expressions and quirks. The live skit embodied the movie, “The Godfather” making for very memorable and humorous start to the night that no one will soon forget.

After the faculty skit, the seniors retaliated with one of their own. The skit revolved around the question “How many PhD’s does it take to fix a lightbulb?” The skit staged a meeting where all the professors were gathered for consulting, and each one offered complex and ridiculous solutions until Dr. Hubbe provided the solution.

To finish off the night each senior is privileged to ring the “Freeness Bell,” an inverted Canadian Standard Freeness tester that is a tradition of the Senior Banquet. Seniors were gifted with a mug and then the senior ambassadors gave a speech on giving and stewardship, a trait instilled in the Paper Science and Engineering program.

Georgia-Pacific…support is never ending

The evening in itself, is very special, but this year, it was topped off with support from our industry.  Our friends at Georgia-Pacific, graciously and generously provided the seniors with a dinner, a last send off if you will, as a final reminder that industry believe in the students that graduate from this amazing program here at NC State.   Thank you Heather Smyth, and Haley Burch for your time in attending, and Heather in sharing words of wisdom for our future.

Congratulations to all the graduating seniors! Each and every one of you will be missed, but we know you will accomplish great things in the years to come, and can’t wait to hear about each and everyone of them.