Seven New Scholarship Endowments Created this Year


Scholarships are the lifeblood of our ability to recruit high achieving students each year.  In fact, most of us alumni know that we would not have thought about our degree program if someone had not mentioned the word “scholarship”.  This past year we had seven newly created endowments that will help us as we recruit the best and brightest students to develop into industry professionals.  As you can see, these awards will make a huge impact on our program and are very diverse in intention and preferences.  Thank you to all who have made this commitment to our Paper Science & Engineering students.

The Su Family Scholarship established by alumnus Paul Su (‘98) and his wife Anthea (‘98) in memory of his parents. This award is for students in our program with preference expressed for first generation college students.

New Endowments

The Hight Family Scholarship established by alumnus Clark Hight (‘86) and her daughter, Alex, who will graduate in December 2018. This award is for student studying paper science in engineering with a preference towards out of state students and those in underrepresented populations of our student body.

The Dennison Family Scholarship established by Mike Dennison (‘75). This award is for paper science students who have, or continue to overcome challenges to their academic career such as working to support themselves, as an example.

ExxonMobil NC State Alumni Inspire Scholarship established by a group of our PSE alumni that work at ExxonMobil. This is a merit based award for students in our dual degree program with Chemical Engineering.

Class of 1977 Scholarship established by this class as a result of their 50th anniversary reunion. This is a merit based award for students studying paper science and engineering.

The Medwick Byrd Family Scholarship, established by Dr. Byrd, class of 1984 and current undergraduate coordinator and professor. This award is a financial need based award for PSE students.  This scholarship has a preference for students who are underrepresented in the College of Natural Resources student body population.

The Paper Science & Engineering Leadership and Service Scholarship, established on behalf of the entire Pulp and Paper Foundation advisory committee. This award is for rising juniors and seniors who have demonstrated leadership and service to the program, department and/or pulp and paper advisory committee.