PPF Annual Event…a celebration to remember

2018 Banquet

2018 banquetOn September 6 & 7, 2018, the Pulp and Paper Foundation Annual Events were held, and as always, went off even better than expected. Alumni, donors, faculty, students and families all came together for another wonderful edition of the events and banquet, a night that we will be talking about until next year.

Paper Science and Engineering Career Fair

The start of the annual events was the Paper Science and Engineering Career Fair. This is an excellent event where many paper and allied industry companies combine with our program’s students for a very opportunistic career fair. It is a great chance for new students to learn about the many companies that are within our industry, and see the many places that a PSE degree can take you. This year’s career fair hosted 26 companies and was a brilliant success to start Foundation Week.

General Session with a twist

The general session typically consists of students, faculty, alumni and donors all gathering together in one room to learn about a previously selected, chosen topic. Through brainstorming and creativeness, the general session this year was different and more collaborative than in previous years. Students were seated amongst many tables and intermingled with chosen faculty, alumni, and donors. At each table there were discussions about the PSE program, the paper industry today and the ways everyone sees the industry changing over the coming years. Senior, Brooke Orr loved the new format saying, “I felt that the new style was more inclusive than in the past – meaning that the freshmen were able to give feedback and interact, where in the past, the sessions seemed to be a little to advanced for underclassmen. The new setup was a great way to have more student engagement, which I think is really important!”

Silent Auction Returns 

Instead of a golf tournament fundraiser this year, a silent auction took place during the social hour, before the banquet. There were many items to be bid on, ranging from pictures painted by student Lindsay Leonard to a NC State Head Men’s Basketball signed by Coach Kevin Keatts. The silent auction was a great hit and raised $1780 plus other donations outside of the bids. Great work by TAPPI Fundraising Chairs Reagan Barnhill and Trevor Gamache on a successful silent auction!


The banquet is always the headliner of the night where everyone comes together to connect old relationships, make new ones and enjoy a great time of wonderful food and friendship. The attendance this year set another new record with over 350 attending! There were several new endowments announced this year: Medwick Byrd Family Endowed Scholarship, Hight Family Endowed Scholarship, Paper Science & Engineering Leadership and Service Endowed Scholarship, Dennison Family Endowed Scholarship, and the Pulp and Paper Technology Class of 1977 Endowed Scholarship. Thank you very much to our donors for these newly endowed scholarships!

The part of the night that many look forward to is meeting the Seniors.  This is where each senior graduating within the next year walks on stage to introduce themselves to the crowd. It is always  great to see all the many different places where the seniors will be working upon graduation, and how far reaching this program is.  On top of that, it is a great way for the numerous donors to see  how their  generous donations have grown this program and helped make college financially possible for many students.

The Pulp and Paper Foundation would not be what it is without the overwhelming support it receives, year in and year out, from every donor, alumni, faculty member, student and parent. Thank you to each and every person that helps the foundation, whether through monetary donations, or giving up your time to make these events possible. All of us in the PSE program are truly and forever grateful! Here is to looking forward to the next foundation event!  Check out our photo album of this years events.

by guest student blogger: Ryan Lee