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Alumni Spotlight: Jamie Stapleton

What was your favorite thing about NC State?

I really loved how you are always receiving valuable information. Once you’re out of school, it’s no one’s job to teach you. It’s your job to keep yourself informed, knowledgeable, and curious.

How did you choose your major and what attracted you to the program at NC State?

SMT came to my First Year College class to present, and I was sold. It was a small program that aligned with my values and offered diversity in classes and potential job opportunities.

What did you enjoy most about being a Sustainable Materials & Technology student?

The small class sizes! They cultivated a sense of friendship and comradery between students and allowed for more one on one from professors and academic advisors.

Did you complete any hands-on experiences like internships, study abroad, co-ops or undergraduate research?

Internships, study abroad, and undergraduate research. I credit most of those experiences to SMT, actually. Dr. Peralta and Dr. Peszlen helped me get a scholarship to study abroad, an SMT classmate recommended me for an internship at NCCETC, and one of my CNR professors provided me with an LCA research opportunity.

What was the most important thing SMT taught you?

Networking is important! As well as Excel. Excel was important.

What is your current company, location, and position?

I’m the HERO Code Project Manager at Southern Energy Management (SEM) in Raleigh, NC. An SMT classmate actually helped me get a job here!

What does your company do?

We install solar panels and complete home energy ratings for energy efficiency in new residential construction.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I get to make an impact on how people make and use energy! It’s nice to remember my work is purposeful and has an impact in the larger scheme of things. You can also bring your dog to work, which is pretty rockin’.

What is your biggest accomplishment in your career?

SEM is great at shoving you out of your comfort zone, so it’s a constant growing process. My personal growth is definitely my biggest accomplishment. However, as far as solid, measurable accomplishments go: decimating a huge backlog in a couple of months, creating an auto-generated report by using a self-taught SQL query, and getting a promotion.

What is your advice for current SMT students?

Take the opportunities your professors hand you seriously. They’re taking the time to forward you emails about opportunities, dropping them into your lap, and they can have a huge effect on your career to come!

How do you spend time relaxing (or your free time)?

At breweries with friends, going to NCMA, or looking for cool events in Raleigh.