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Most Congenial Senior Award Goes to…

This year’s “Most Congenial Senior Award” goes to none other than Kable Young! He might have been surprised to win this award, but for those who know him, it comes as absolutely no surprise. As a fifth-year senior in the program, Kable has always been a friendly face in the PSE family. The “Most Congenial Senior Award” is given to a member of the graduating class, which includes students who graduate in either the spring or fall of the current year. This award is chosen through a vote by the members of the class.

Receiving Award

Hardworking, Passionate and Friendly…and the list goes on

Kable was the 2017 recipient of the Phillips Family Leadership Incentive, which is a scholarship awarded to students in the Paper Science and Engineering program which allows them to pursue a business minor. Obtaining this business minor helped Kable prepare for his career goal of transitioning to a managerial position once in the industry. Prior to that, Kable was the first receipt of the BioResources Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Kable focused his research around exploring enhancements of tissue grades.  And if that is not enough, his addition to diverse academic interests and experiences, he has significant industrial work experience. Kable has had four industry experiences during is time at NC State, including one with Energizer in Asheboro, NC and three with Georgia-Pacific in Big Island, Crossett, and Mt. Holly. This past semester, Kable also worked within the department as a TA for Dr. Pal’s PSE 472 class running the paper machine. With all of this knowledge and honor, Kable still remains humble. He gives back within the program by being an active member of the student advisory committee, volunteering to mentor the freshmen retreat, and helping with various pulp and paper foundation services, such as super scholars dinners, interview days and countless open houses and tours, and, Kable actively volunteers outside of the program. One of the more notable organizations is ConnectWake. This organization is dedicated to helping the special needs community of Wake County. In his free time, he also enjoys attending NC State sporting events.

Kable is a May 2019 graduate and is moving to Big Island to work for Georgia-Pacific in the engineering development program. He’ll be working on a mill-wide project to improve process control, maintenance, and reliability. Kable is a hardworking, passionate, and friendly student whose dedication and frequent smiles will missed by the program.

Thank you!

Kable says: “I want to thank my classmates for bestowing me with this honor. I was truly humbled and shocked when my name was called. It has been a pleasure getting to know each one of you over the years and wish you the best in your futures.”

Guest Blogger:  Winslow Gurney