Larden Garland – Student Spotlight

Student Portrait - Larden Garland - Student Spotlight - Forest Biomaterials NC State University

Larden Garland


  • Zebulon, NC

High School Graduation Year:

  • 2018


  • BS, Paper Science and Engineering, 2022

Work Experience:

  • Sonoco, Hartsville, SC Summer 2019

Why did you choose  Paper Science and Engineering (PSE)?

  • I chose PSE for the opportunity to learn about chemical engineering principles in a specialized and sustainable way. I’ve enjoyed learning about the properties and principles behind the sustainable and biodegradable biomaterials used to make pulp and paper products.

What is your favorite thing about Paper Science and Engineering?

  • My favorite thing about the PSE is the abundance of career development and work opportunities the program provides. From the Freshman Leadership course to the variety of companies that visit, the programs develop it’s students both academically and professionally.

What is your favorite thing about NC State?

  • My favorite thing about NC State is how dedicated the faculty and staff are to their work. Whenever I’ve needed help with anything, I have been able to find a dedicated office, center, or person to help me.

What advice would you offer to an incoming freshman?

  • I would advise to not spread yourself to thin. NC State has a plethora of extracurricular activities and enrichment programs. However, you don’t want to over-commit and have it risk your academic performance.

What has been your favorite professor or staff?

  • Dr. Shaefny Grays has been my favorite staff member. Throughout my time at NC State she has been supportive of my experiences, given me guidance on how to navigate college, and welcomed and accepted my full identity.

What is your favorite extra-cirricular activiy?

  • During my freshman year, I was a part of the College of Natural Resources Engaging Leaders program. This program helped me to refine my leadership skills, gain valuable professional experience, and become more culturally and socially aware.

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