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Celebrating the Graduating Seniors Summer & Fall 2020

We would like to congratulate our graduating seniors from the Department of Forest Biomaterials.

Our students have worked very hard over the last four years, and we are very proud of each and every one of them.  It has been our pleasure to partner in education, research, and industry experiences with these amazing young professionals.

Sustainable Materials & Technology Graduates

Congratulations to the Sustainable Materials and Technology Graduating Seniors – Summer and Fall 2020!

Mawadda Almasri
Alec Bilzi
Cameron Hultine
Kathryn Jackson
Evan Kearse
Kristin Komoroski
Hannah Krotchko
Teshawn Lee
Sam Messer
Dylan Murrow
Clark Sabattus
Madeline Samet
Hunter Thompson

Paper Science & Engineering Graduates


Congratulations to the Paper Science and Engineering Graduating Seniors – Summer and Fall 2020!

Matt Burleson
Thomas Dang
Tanner Evans
Marshall Farr
Megan Harrison
Emilyann Howell
Peter Janecek
Will Maier
Daniel McAdams
Makayla Moore
Thomas Moretz
Kara Mullaney
Zeb Murray
Claudia Patterson
Breonda Snead
Carson Snyder
Jonathan Swope
Phoenix Tiller