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Biomaterials Research

Biomaterials research

Sustaining a Future on Renewable Materials

Forest biomaterials include any organic materials that can be cultivated or extracted from nature’s ecosystems. The Department of Forest Biomaterials at NC State specializes in sustainable, renewable forest biomaterials such as wood, paper and value-added biomaterials produced by large and small industries across North Carolina and throughout the US. These renewable biomaterials are used for construction of sustainable housing, low carbon bioenergy, recyclable pulp and paper products, and value-added chemicals and composites.

In fact, we try to find new uses for what was previously seen as waste from pulp and paper manufacturing processes. A number of our innovative projects investigate the fundamental and applied aspects of new cellulose and lignin-based biomaterials, including novel chemical approaches, polymeric phase behavior and process development.

Meet our Biomaterials Faculty

Interested in biomaterials research? Contact our faculty to learn more and get involved.