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Recycling Technology Research


Addressing Recycling with Practical Precision

When most people think of a more sustainable future, they immediately think of recycling and reusing materials to make new products. Recycled wood is generally used to make biofuels, particleboard, mulch and composite materials, while recycled paper fibers are often used to make products like paperboard, corrugated containers, tissue products, insulation, packaging materials and egg cartons. Even though recycling technology today incorporates many different types of materials, our faculty research focuses on recycling not only wood waste created from producing wood products like lumber and flooring, but waste generated from the process of making paper and pulp.

Our materials science and engineering expertise not only helps us push the recycling industry forward, it allows us to become more innovative in our approach. With a long history of industry partnerships, we can tackle real-world challenges with a practical precision.

Meet our Recycling Technology Faculty

Interested in recycling technology research? Contact our faculty to learn more and get involved.