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The Department of Forest Biomaterials at NC State (FB) is a global leader in biotechnology and enzymes research. Current efforts focus on the development of new genetic strains of trees that retain strength but have less lignin and more cellulose, an improvement in wood properties that could lead to more efficiently produced bioenergy and biofuel alternatives as well as many other benefits.

Dr. Lucia is collaborating on a project with Dr. Chang from Wood and Paper Science and Dr. Sederoff from Forest Biotechnology to identify the molecular constituents of eucalyptus tree extractives from hybrids of E. grandis and E. globulus. They will apply principles of metabolic profiling to investigate the genetic pathways that control the extractive production using typical compound identification techniques (GC-MS, FT-IR, and preparative HPLC) and standard QTL characterization techniques to identify likely markers in the extractive metabolic pathways.

For more information, please explore the websites of faculty members engaged in research projects within this area: