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Nonwood Fiber Processing, Pulping, & Papermaking

The FB Department has a history of experience in the pulping, bleaching, processing and papermaking of a variety of nonwood fiber raw materials. We have worked with the following agricultural residues: wheat straw, rice straw, barley straw, oat straw, rye grass, coastal bermuda grass, corn stover, palm fruit bunches, flax straw. We have worked with the following fiber crops: kenaf, industrial hemp, sisal, abaca, jute, ramie.

We are the only university facility that can pulp, bleach, process and make paper out of nonwoods at both the bench and pilot scales. Med Byrd and Hasan Jameel are active in this area. Now, we are conducting new work in the pretreatment and processing of nonwood materials to make them suitable for the production of biomaterials (plastics, films, composites) and bioenergy (ethanol, biofuels).

Our facilities include a unique collection of bench- and pilot-scale digesters, bleaching reactors, and pulp processing equipment that permits the study of different fiber types and the production of samples from 50 grams to a metric ton.

We have a good understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges offered by nonwoods.

For more information, please explore the websites of faculty members engaged in research projects within this area: