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200-gallontanks1 (760-liter) and 2500-gallon (9462-liter) Agitated Stock Tanks for Low-Consistency Bleaching

When it is desired to bleach large quantities of pulp economically and an atmospheric and low-consistency regime is acceptable, large tank-based bleaching is an attractive option.

Each 2500-gallon tank can hold 600-1000 OD pounds (272-454 OD kg) of pulp at a consistency of 3-5%.

Heating is provided by direct steam injection via a Pick heater.

Agitation may be provided on a continuous or intermittent basis.

Smaller, 200-gallon tanks are available for smaller batch sizes.

pulper4_000Black Clawson 200-gallon (760-liter) Hydrapulper

This very flexible piece of equipment can be used both for stock-prep. pulping, mild chemical pulping, and low- or medium-consistency bleaching. The ability to inject steam and/or chemicals is particularly attractive.

Capacity: 200 gallons (760-liters), can hold up to 45-90 OD lb (21-40 OD kg) of pulp at a consistency of 3-6 % (Vokes rotor) or up to 150 OD lb (68 OD kg) of pulp at medium consistency (helical rotor)

Construction: epoxy-lined carbon steel


  • Vokes rotor for low-consistency pulping
  • Hi-con helical rotor for high-consistency pulping and bleaching
  • 20-HP motor with variable-speed drive
  • can be pressurized up to 50 psig due to bolted-head construction
  • steam, gases (oxygen, ozone), and/or chemicals can be injected into vortex zone

rotaryglobe1845-gallon (3200-liter) Rotary Globe Batch Digester/Reactor

Capacity: 500 dry pounds of wood chips or 200-400 dry pounds of bulky non-wood materials

Construction: carbon steel with 316 SS internal cladding


  • 15 rpm rotation speed insures good mixing of chemicals and raw material
  • heating via direct-steam injection through axial joint
  • can be pressurized with oxygen or other gases

This vessel is invaluable for the production of pilot quantities of pulp. It can be used for digestion of both wood and nonwoods and also be used for all types of bleaching at medium and high consistency.