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mkbatchdigester1M&K 2.5-gallon (10-liter) Batch Digesters

Number available: 4

Capacity: up to 1200 grams of dry wood chips per batch


  • basket insert for chips
  • sidearm liquor circulation
  • electric resistance heating in sidearm
  • computer control of heatup and hold times
  • cold blow via liquor expression from digester bottom

ncsubombs1NC State 0.8-gallon (3-liter) Pressure Bombs for Cooking or Bleaching

Number available: 6

Construction: 316 SS

Capacity: 200 grams dry chips, 200 grams medium- to high-consistency pulp


  • each bomb has its own top-mounted valve for introduction of gases
  • each bomb has its own thermocouple for monitoring of temperature
  • rotating rack in hot-air oven permits six bombs to be processed at the same time (insures good mixing of chemicals and raw material)
  • two bombs coated with Teflon for maximum brightness development

Process options:

  • digestion
  • oxygen bleaching (high and medium¬†consistency)
  • oxygen- and peroxide-reinforced extraction
  • pressurized peroxide

papricanbatchdigester1Paprican-Designed 3-gallon (11.4 liter) Batch Digester with Internal Moving Fingers

Capacity: 1.1 OD lb (500 OD grams) of medium- or high-consistency pulp; 250-400 AD grams of bulky nonwood material

Construction: 316 SS lined with Teflon


  • 150 psig max. pressure
  • can be pressurized with oxygen or other gases
  • internal fingers lift and mix material; variable speed
  • external electrical heating bands

This reactor is well-suited for medium- or high-consistency bleaching of pulp with a variety of agents, including oxygen.

The reactor is also an excellent bench-scale digester for nonwood materials. The fingers provide a lifting and turning action similar to a screw-type digester.