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hotblow17.5-gallon (28-liter) Hot-Blow Digester

Capacity: 20 lb (9 kg) dry chips

Construction: 316 SS


  • liquor circulation through sidearm
  • indirect steam heating in circulation line
  • hot blow to blow tank

13-gallon (50-liter) Cold-Blow Batch coldblow1_000Digester System

Number available: 4

Construction: electropolished 316 SS


  • liquor circulation through sidearm
  • electrical heating in circulation line
  • basket inserts to hold chips
  • piping configuration permits system to be used for displacement-type cooking (RDH, Enerbatch Superbatch)
  • piston pump permits chemical profiling during cook for emulation of modified cooking

7.5-gallon (28-liter) Direct-Steamed Rotary Batch Digester/Reactor

Capacity: 15 dry pounds chips or 5-6 dry pounds bulky nonwood materials

Construction: 316 SS


  • 250 psig max pressure
  • rotating action insures good mixing of chemicals and raw material
  • heating via direct steam injection
  • can be pressurized with oxygen or other gases

This vessel can be used for cooking or for bleaching at medium or high consistency.