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pulper1Adirondack 1-gallon (3.8-liter) Low-Consistency Benchtop Pulper

Capacity: 1 gallon (3.8 liters), up to 0.3 OD lb (135 OD g) of pulp at 4 % consistency

Construction: 316 SS


  • variable-speed drive
  • jacketed hot-water temperature control system

pulper2Adirondack 2-gallon (7.6-liter) High-Consistency Benchtop Pulper

Capacity: 2 gallons (7.6 liters), up to 2 OD lb (0.9 OD kg) pulp at 15% consistency

Construction: 316 SS


  • variable-speed drive
  • jacketed hot-water temperature control system

pulper33-gallon (11.4-liter) Benchtop Low-Consistency Pulper

Capacity: 3 gallons (11.4 liters), up to 1.2 lb OD (0.6 kg OD) pulp at 6 % consistency

Construction: 316 SS


  • side-mounted Vokes rotor

Voith Laboratory Flat Screen

Number available: 3voithscr1

Available with the following slot sizes:

  • 0.006″
  • 0.008″
  • 0.010″
  • 0.012″

Pulmac Master Screenpulmac1

Invaluable for bench-scale screening when dynamic shear is desired.

A variety of slot sizes available.

Modular Centrifugal Cleaner System

This unique and very useful system permits the analysis of centrifugal cleaning operations under realistic conditions but requires only a small amount of fiber (4-6 OD pounds.)

Cleaners are mounted above a 200-gallon (750-liter) tank from which they are fed and into which accepts and rejects are discharged. Multiple trial conditions may be used for a single batch of pulp.cleaner1

A high-speed, high-head centrifugal pump permits the development of the head and flow levels required for typical cleaners.

Fluid-filled, large-faced pressure gauges permit accurate measurement and control of pressure drop.

The following cleaners are available and may be run isolated or in series:

  • Beloit Posiflow
  • Beloit Uniflow
  • Celleco low-density
  • Noss forward canister
  • Noss reverse canister

Customer-supplied cleaner bodies are easily installed in the system.

A variety of nozzle types and inserts are available for each cleaner.

Wemco Atmospheric Flotation Cellwemco1

Number available: 2

Capacity: 0.7 gallons (2.5 liters), 0.03-0.06 OD lb (14-28 OD g) at 0.5 – 1% consistency


  • air injection at point of agitation
  • variable air flow rate and agitator speedshinh

Shinhama Laboratory Kneader

Useful for ink dispersion, fiber surface modification, and strength enhancement.

This device features twin eccentric shafts which provide an intense rubbing action to pulp. Intensity is varied both by the number of passes and by an adjustable restrictor pin on the discharge.

Construction: 316 SS