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mech1Sunds CD-300 Mechanical Pulping Pilot Plant

Capacity: up to 3 tons/day continuous feed on wood chips


  • two true, real-time stages of refining
  • atmospheric pre-steaming
  • 3:1 volumetric reducing screw for plug feed into reactor
  • impregnator box for impregnation with chemicals
  • 40-gallon (150-liter) pre-heating vessel with nuclear level control and up to 30 minutes retention, 150 psig max.
  • primary refiner: 300-HP, 3600 rpmmech2_000
  • pressurized cyclone permits primary and secondary stages to be run at different pressures
  • secondary refiner: 250-HP, 3600 rpm
  • interstage reactor permits treatment of primary-stage pulp with aqueous or gaseous agents prior to secondary refining, 150 psig max.
  • dedicated process computer with energy consumption monitoring