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krk1KRK Pressurized Laboratory Refiner

Capacity: up to 15 pounds (6.8 kg) dry wood chips per batch; less for bulky non-woods

Construction: 316 SS


  • 7.5-gallon (28-liter) infeed vessel and 11.3-gallon (42-liter) discharge vessel permit batchwise running of TMP, CTMP
  • 150 psig max. pressure
  • direct steaming into infeed vessel
  • chemical prep and preheating system permits injection of chemicals just prior to refiningkrk2
  • 12-inch refiner¬†with 60-HP motor running at 3600 rpm
  • adjustable plate gap
  • on-line energy measurement

This unit permits small batches of material to be processed very accurately and quickly, making it perfect for exploratory trials.