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Black Clawson 200-gallon (760-liter) Hydrapulper

pulper4_000This very flexible piece of equipment can be used both for stock-prep. pulping, mild chemical pulping, and low- or medium-consistency bleaching. The ability to inject steam and/or chemicals is particularly attractive.

Capacity: 200 gallons (760-liters), can hold up to 45-90 OD lb (21-40 OD kg) of pulp at a consistency of 3-6 % (Vokes rotor) or up to 150 OD lb (68 OD kg) of pulp at medium consistency (helical rotor)

Construction: epoxy-lined carbon steel


  • Vokes rotor for low-consistency pulping
  • Hi-con helical rotor for high-consistency pulping and bleaching
  • 20-HP motor with variable-speed drive
  • can be pressurized up to 50 psig due to bolted-head construction
  • steam, gases (oxygen, ozone), and/or chemicals can be injected into vortex zone

50-gallon (190-liter) Pilot Pulperpulper6

Capacity: 50 gallons (190 liters), up to 17 OD pounds (7.7 OD kg) of pulp at 5 % consistency or 42 OD pounds 19 OD kg) at 12% consistency

Construction: 316 SS


  • 10-HP motor
  • low-consistency (Vokes) and high-consistency (helical) rotors available
  • atmospheric de-inking capability with Lamort-style passive air intake shroud