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Bauer Hydrasieve Slanting Screen

Designed to take low-consistency stock and thicken it passively to 3-6 %.

Construction: 316 SS

24″ face

Screen: 0.010 slotted wave plate

Renneberg Pilot Screw Press

Useful for intense dewatering of pulp slurries. Discharge consistencies of up to 40% are possible, depending on the furnish.

Construction: 316 SS


  • 10-HP motor with variable-speed drive
  • 3 feet (1 m) long, 6″ (15-cm) diameter

Filtration Engineers Pilot Rotary Drum Filter Washer

  • filtration engineers pilot rotary drum filter washermay be used either for dewatering or intense washing
  • 3 feet (1 m) diameter, 1 foot (0.3 m) face width
  • separate vacuum headers for vat and mat sections
  • 316 SS wetted parts
  • up to three wash showers available with variable flow
  • rider rolls available for increased dewatering
  • vat agitator
  • discharge consistency 8-15 %
  • capacity 30 gpm (114 lpm)