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Research Facilities

The Department of Forest Biomaterials enjoys outstanding research facilities, a one-ton, on-campus recycling facility and two major laboratory complexes that emulate state-of-the-art industry conditions in both the wood products and paper science sectors.

Biltmore Hall is our main college building with nearly 83,000 square feet of teaching and extension space, including numerous laboratories devoted to wood, forest biomaterials, paper science and engineering. 

The Hodges Wood Products Laboratory is a 21,000-square-foot facility that contains a wide range of production woodworking equipment, testing machines and instrumentation for investigating the characterization, physical and mechanical properties of wood, forest biomaterials and energy products, including:

  • Dry kilns
  • CNC routers
  • Finishing room
  • Four universal and several other testing machines
  • Conditioning chambers
  • Woodworking equipment
  • Hot presses for making plywood, particleboard and fiberboard

The Robertson Pulp and Paper Laboratory Complex includes research facilities and equipment, plus a three-story lab addition. The Paper and Pulp Testing Laboratory is home to the fully functioning reduced scale Baby Wolfpack pilot paper plant and houses specialized paper testing, recycling and pulping facilities. Our Forest Biomaterials and Bioenergy Laboratories accommodate a variety of research equipment and include an array of chemical analysis laboratories, the Chemical Analysis and Spectroscopy Laboratory, two high-field NMRs, and a multitude of surface characterization tools. The complex mirrors modern industry facilities and allows students and faculty to innovate and test new materials while gaining experience under actual industry conditions. 

For more on our facilities, please visit the NC State Facilities Division.