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Doctoral Candidates

Orsolya Bencze

Research Projects: The development of a certification program for natural disaster resilient homes

Previous Degree(s): M.S. Economics, University of West Hungary


Carlos Alberto Carrillo

Research Projects: I am working in the development of a novel pretreatment of biomass using complex fluids like microemulsions. The main idea behind the use of these complex fluids is to reduce the severity in the pressure and temperature conditions used nowadays in the conventional pretreatment procedures, taking advantage of some properties of the microemulsions like very low interfacial tension and its ability to solubilize simultaneously oil and water based components.

Previous Degree(s): Magister Scientiae in Chemical Engineering, Universidad de Los Andes. Mérida, Venezuela


Hui Chen

Research Projects: Conversion of Recovered Paper and Paper Sludge to Ethanol

Previous Degree(s): Bachelor of Engineering, Nanjing Forestry University


Qiang Han

Research Projects: Pretreatment of non-woody biomass for bioethanol production

Previous Degree(s): Bachelor degree of wood and paper science, Nanjing Forestry University, China


Ying Xue

Research Projects: Process optimization for enzymatic saccharification of bioethanol production

Previous Degree(s): Bachelor of Engineering Degree, South China University of Technology


Masters Candidates

Vivek Arcot

Degree: M.S. Candidate Forest Biomaterials

Research Projects: Analysis of the Wood Torrefaction Process: This project involves a thorough gas analysis of the torrfaction process. The aim is to figure out what mix of gases flow during the process at predetermined spatial locations, by varying the feed rate, or the physical form of the feed etc. By performing this above analysis, it is required that improvements are suggested so as to make the process as energy efficient as possible.

Previous Degree(s): Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering, 2009