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Small Program with Lots of Attention

With only 25-35 students graduating a year, we operate with a family environment. Our faculty and staff care about the students. We will get to know you by name, go to great lengths to ensure your success, and work with you to make you aware of unique opportunities for study, work and travel. Our alumni cite the friendly and caring environment as one of the best things about our program.

DSC_0085Hands-on Learning

All our students learn by using the $12 million in laboratory and pilot-scale equipment, including our Wolfpack Baby Papermachine and a paper recycling facility. We are the only school in North America that has equipment that permits any biomass material (wood, corn stalks, grass clippings, wheat straw, etc.) to be converted into pulp and paper.  EXPERIENCE what you learn in the classroom.

100% Job Placement and High Starting Salaries

For 60 years, our placement rate has been 80-100% at graduation time and 100% within one year of graduation. Most of our students entertain multiple offers from different companies, giving them an opportunity to find a job and location that fits them best. The average starting salary is $75,000 per year, one of the highest among all engineering disciplines.

Internships and Co-ops

We offer on-site interviewing facilities for all students, including freshmen, and a paper industry career fair. One internship is required in our curriculum; however many students graduate with 6-18 months of work experience at pay rates ranging from $15-30 per hour. The experience and knowledge gained during internships and co-ops are invaluable in finding the career, company and location that are right for you.

Scholarships – $11,500 for YOU

The Pulp and Paper Foundation is an organization of pulp, paper and allied companies committed to the support of academic and research programs in the Department of Forest Biomaterials. One of the Foundation’s principal activities is the merit scholarship program, which provides scholarships to qualified students. Each year 15-30 entering freshmen receive merit scholarships, which are renewable annually, contingent on the student’s GPA and sufficient progress toward the degree. Our incoming freshman scholarships are $2,500 for year one and $3,000 annually for years two through four.

Dual Major in Chemical Engineering

NC State is the only paper school that permits students to enroll in a dual major program with Chemical Engineering. One extra semester will earn you two full engineering degrees. About 70% of our students choose this option. The combined strengths of these two degrees make our graduates marketable to a variety of industries.

A “Green” Future

The paper industry is already experienced at converting renewable biomass (wood) into an essential biomaterial (paper). Therefore, our industry is leading the way in producing bioenergy and other biomaterials (plastics, films, chemicals, etc.) from all types of biomass. The Forest Biomaterials Department at NC State is in the center of national and international, cutting-edge research projects in our field. We are placing graduates into exciting jobs in the emerging bioenergy, biofuels and biomaterials industries.

Special Opportunities

Undergraduate research, international internships and our biennial Paper International Experience offer our students incredible opportunities for discovery and allow them to dig deeper into their own interest areas.



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