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Smithsonian WILD, an outreach project stemming from a collaboration between the Smithsonian and NC State researcher/Nature Research Center Biodiversity Lab director Roland Kays has just won a 2012 Outreach Achievement Award from the Smithsonian.

Temminck's Tragopan

This Temminck’s Tragopan was photographed in China utilizing motion-activated camera-traps.

The Smithsonian WILD site makes over 200,000 camera trap photos collected by researchers around the world available to the public in a fun interactive way.

The website had 565,826 visits since launching last year, and with a 36% returning visitor rate, which is quite high. Visitors are from 189 countries, from Vatican City and Burkina Faso to Russia.

The photos are also all available through Flickr, which has registered another 187,048 visitors over the last year. The team now has an NSF grant to make the site interactive by adding new photos collected by other researchers as well as citizen scientists as part of the eMammal project.

Dr. Roland Kays, NC State University

Dr. Roland Kays

Dr. Kays is recently joined the NC State College of Natural Resources‘ forestry & environmental resources faculty and is excited about having students working with him in his lab at the exciting new Nature Research Center in downtown Raleigh, NC.  The NRC’s grand opening is scheduled for April 20-21, 2012.

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