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A training model for woody biomass landowner training is the result of a survey conducted by Extension Forestry and the Department of Agricultural and Extension Education at NC State University.  The study is  featured in the August 2012 edition of the Journal of Extension.

NC Cooperative Extension Logo - Empowering People - Providing ServiceNon-industrial private forest (NIPF) landowners are often not included in discussions of emerging woody biomass markets for energy, yet they will likely be principal suppliers of the resource.  Surveys administered to 475 forest landowners before and after an Extension Forestry education program in 10 counties across North Carolina indicated that landowners have low knowledge levels of woody biomass.  However, as a result of participating in the training, landowners increased knowledge, had more positive attitudes, and developed aspirations to harvest woody biomass on their land. Extension professionals can use our training model to develop similar woody biomass educational programs.

Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, North Carolina State University:  Jasmine Shaw, Graduate Student; Dennis Hazel, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist; Robert Bardon, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist
Department of Agricultural and Extension Education, North Carolina State University: K.S.U. Jayaratne, State Leader for Program Evaluation and Assistant Professor

Read the complete article in the Journal of Extension – Vol 50 num 4.

For more information, contact:  Robert Bardon, Extension Forestry