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Jaeschke, Eric in SwedenEric Jaeschke was a participant in the Atlantis program and had the unique opportunity to study forestry at North Carolina State University (NCSU), the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), and the University of Helsinki in Finland. The program has a strong international perspective and blends intercultural communication, global forestry issues and professional knowledge.  Eric completed a MS in Forestry and is currently a project forester with Environmental Services, Inc., in Winchester, VA.

While at NCSU, Eric examined the hydrologic response from forest management activities in Hofmann Forest. Working lowland forests are important in controlling landscape hydrologic patterns like stream flow and water quality. Past studies have focused on the negative consequences of management practices from non-point source pollution. The aim of Eric’s study was to emphasize the relationships between hydrologic inputs and outputs as the main system drivers in order to better contextualize the water quality effects of within the region. Describing individual hydrologic components in a unique headwater system like Hofmann forest will strengthen current knowledge, aid in enhancing crop productivity, promote water quality of forest outflows, and address downstream water needs. This study in North Carolina was compared and contrasted with a similar system in southern Finland, which is where Eric’s partner University is located.